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A fully CAA certified instructor with over 21 years instructing experience. Ken has also 45 years of flying under his belt, so you know you're in safe hands!

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Northern Ireland Microlights, 30 Comber Road, Newtownards, Co. Down, BT23 4QP
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Latest News

Ulster Flying Club. Wings Night Presentations

Mon, Nov 1, 2021

Microlight Pilots celebrate Wings Night 2021at the Ulster Flying Club. Brian Blakely, The Anh Loughran, Brian Ashworth, Jack Toner, and Paul Bradley, received their Ulster Flying Club Wings in recognition of their success in achieving their Private Pilot’s License.


Nathan McIntyre. First Solo Flight.

Sat, Oct 30, 2021

Nathan McIntyre took his first flying lesson on 10th September and has put in a lot of time and effort reading the syllabus, text books and preparing for each flying lesson. On 31st October Nathan’s efforts and commitment paid dividends when with just over 7 hours of flying lessons under his belt he undertook his First Solo flight in Thruster G CGFZ. Nathan was fortunate to have picked a day with near perfect flying conditions and light circuit traffic but perhaps that was only nature’s way of rewarding him for his commitment. Congratulations Nathan on your much deserved achievement.

David Norwood's First Solo Flight

Fri, Oct 15, 2021

On Saturday 16th October David Norwood’s lifelong ambition of learning to fly took a giant leap forward when he completed his First Solo flight in Thruster G CGFZ. David’s next step is to pass his GST after which he plans  to initially join a locally based  Skyranger syndicate and ultimately to take a share in the 600kg Sting also based at Newtownards Airfield. Congratulations on your First Solo David and your admirable forward planning.

David McGuire Now licenced to fly in Ireland

Mon, Aug 30, 2021

David McGuire was the holder of lapsed Australian and New Zealand Sports aviation licences but needed a current and valid licence in order to fly in Ireland. Fortunately the BMAA’s Aaron Bliss was able to advise David on the requirements to convert lapsed foreign licences into a current NPPL (M) and on 31st August David fulfilled the conversion requirements when he completed the Navigation exercises and passed his GST in Thruster G CGFZ. David has already brought his old Airbourne Flexwing back from New Zealand and has just bought a Danish registered Foxbat. In addition David has built his own little Airstrip next to his home in Galway. If Aaron is as fast and efficient in processing David’s licence application as he was in providing the Licence conversion requirements David will be flying from his own runway next week. Congratulations David on passing your GST.


Hi Ken,

I hope you’re keeping well!

Just wanted to let you know you can add one more to the list of Fast Jet pilots you have trained! Out of 19 students being streamed after elementary flying training, 6 of us were selected for fast jet! I definitely wouldn’t have been in that top 6 without the training you gave me back home, so many thanks once again! Still plenty of work ahead but glad it’s going in the direction I wanted!

I don’t start my next stage of training until the summer so going to put my NPPL to good use with the RAF Microlight Association in the meantime!



Ross Spence

The trial lesson was great fun, flew the entire time, thanks Ken.

Mark Smith