First Solo Flight for Tom O'Flaherty .
Sat, Sep 30, 2023

Thomas O’Flaherty’s First Solo Flight on 15th October brings his plan to build an Airstrip in County Clare and buy a Thruster Microlight a significant step closer to fruition .

First Solo for Arnie Fumegall
Wed, Apr 5, 2023

Arnie Fumegall makes the occasional pilgrimage from Galway to Newtownards for flying lessons and on 6th April after 11 hours under instruction achieved his First Solo flight in Thruster G CGFZ. He is already on the lookout for a Thruster when he gets his license. Arnie’s wife Emma’s   aspiration is to have her own horse and of course a family deal has been agreed.  So anyone with a horse and a  Thruster Microlight for sale should contact Arnie. Congratulations Arnie.

First Solo Flight. Peter McCloskey
Fri, Mar 3, 2023

Peter McCloskey has an elaborately equipped home flight simulator with a prominent Reset button in case things go wrong during a flight . His First Solo flight on 3rd March in Thruster G CGFZ at Newtownards Airfield went perfectly, which was fortunate because the reset button appeared to have gone missing. Congratulations Peter