THE LIFE OF BRIAN:(The Second Coming )

THE LIFE OF BRIAN:           (The Second  Coming). (Monty Python fans will recognise the Quotes). Brian Ashworth likes Microlights, and on  17th May 2021 passed his GST in Thruster G GGFZ. However Brian has spent  a considerable part of his  life drooling over the RUTAN Long - EZ and, as Brian "Always looks on the bright side of life" he has already bought a Long EZ and is busy fixing it up ready for its permit and gaining his own Pilot's Licence. Brian has worked out that the most cost effective way of getting a licence for the Long EZ is to get the Microlight NPPL and then do the conversion course for NPPL SSEA  at Bournemouth with Derek Davidson (see Derek's Advertisement about the Conversion course in the Microlight Flying Magazine )." Although Brian is" a very naughty boy" for not staying with Microlights he will always have  a very positive response to the question "What did the BMAA ever do for us ? " Congratulations Brian. Enjoy the conversion with Derek and then whizzing around the sky at 200+knots.


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