The new improved NiMicrolights website is now here, with many new features.

Welcome to the new NiMicrolights website, we hope you find it a big improvement over the old site which was certainly showing its age with time!

The are many new features in the site, we have tried to make it easier to find contact information and to book lessons. We have a new News section which will be updated with news of students solos, events and anything else we think will be of interest. Make sure you subscribe to the news by clicking on the subscribe link and adding to your favourite RSS reader.

Live Weather

There is a new live weather widget on the home page, we recommend students to use this prior to a visit, if conditions are questionable a banner will appear advising you to contact us to ensure flying is on, or if you need to reschedule.

This gets its data from the Belfast City METAR if it is running, as it is not 24hr it will fall back to Aldergrove METAR if Belfast City is not available.


On the homescreen and every other screen on the right hand side there is a booking form, you can use your PayPal account to purchase a voucher. This will then be emailed to you upon receipt of payment. You can also contact us using the Contact Us widget on the right (or below if on mobile) for more information.


Let us know how we have done and if you enjoyed your time with us by sending us an email with a short excerpt. If we like it it could end up on our testimonials section right on the homepage!

We also now have a new image gallery, here we would love to showcase any pictures you have taken while with us. Please send on your best shots using the Contact information on the site, if we like it enough it could even appear on our featured image banner at the top of the site.


Your feedback is welcome on the site and if you come across any issues or have ideas for improvements, let us know!


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